The Centre for Family, Child and Adolescent Advancement

Fathers time PROGRAM

A program dedicated to TS and JS, two of the founders' sons.

1. Encourages and supports, non-custodial fathers towards providing regular, loving, disciplinarily-appropriate parenting to their children.
2. Promotes parenting participation for non-custodial fathers who may be experiencing challenges in their living, working and/or learning environments.
3. Emphasizes meaningful and personal strength identification/ development, and vocational/career exploration & networking.





"No one is born a good father. To be a good father is a matter of patience, study and love." - Fitzhugh Dodson


To further develop fathers' parenting skills.
To provide a safe and trusting environment for fathers to explore their parenting skills in weekly open group sessions.
To individualize and develop content to support fathers needs.
To build self-esteem and confidence in fathers.
To build positive interactions between fathers and their children.
To help fathers develop positive strategies in dealing with their children.
To provide skills in communication, time management, anger management, problem-solving and conflict resolution.
To provide individual counselling, and skills/ training vocational coordination.
To provide fathers with resources and support.
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