The Centre for Family, Child and Adolescent Advancement

Our Mission

To encourage and support families who require parental enrichment including needs assessments, counselling, life skills, parenting coaching and community referral/education.


The Centre for Family, Child and Adolescent Advancement is a private non-profit organization whose Mandate it is to provide support Services to parents and their children, who are at risk for long term adjustment concerns. More specifically, the Centre focuses upon assisting parents who have known emotional or cognitive conditions, or whose children are otherwise at risk, to acquire effective parenting skills, and to buffer the potential ill effects of the parent's condition upon their children.

The Centre also provides support to non-custodial parents towards promoting their consistent, active and healthy parental involvement in the lives of their children. The Centre works with at-risk children/adolescents towards identifying and rehabilitating the academic, cognitive, emotional, psychosocial and familial origins of their distress/dysfunction. Through interpreting and funding research studies, the Centre advocates for social policy changes, which are believed to prevent and curb the effects of child poverty, neglect and complex parenting issues.

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