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Angel Rose Touchstone Services

Named after, and dedicated to, a beautiful baby girl, who didn't quite make it into this world, but who nevertheless will touch many lives through these family Services, in her name.

Parent Educators/Coaches

Parent Educators are experienced in Crisis Intervention, Addictions, Counselling, Trauma, ECE, Youth & Family Counselling.
Parent Educators provide in-home assessments with families to determine the family's immediate needs.
Once the assessments are completed in-home sessions begin to teach parents "hands on" techniques to empower the parents to reach their goals.
Parent Educators will support the families for an unlimited number of sessions until the Parent's goals are met.
This free service may be accessed through agency or self referrals


At risk parents/families with known or suspicions of, or vulnerability to:

Mental health conditions (to moderate severity)
Fetal alcohol effects
Learning disability
Acquired and congenital brain injuries (to moderate severity)
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Other cognitive and intellectual conditions


Experience significant parenting, and/or related daily living or life skills concerns.

Comprehensive Evaluation

In order to provide a comprehensive and well-integrated service, the Centre will focus upon providing a variety of interventions to families after thorough assessments.

Comprehensive Family Needs Assessment (CFNA). The CFNA shall explore such issues as:

The nature of the parent/child relationship, living arrangement, parental role and frequency/nature of Contact
The history of the family
Child rearing/disciplinary characteristics/issues within the family
The presence of anger control issues within the family
General health history
General nutrition history
Daily activities/routines concerns
General occupational and financial status.

Program-Service Details:

1. Parenting/coping life skills development.
2. Parenting educational/support group. To encourage non-custodial parents towards, and to support them in providing, consistent, regular, loving, and disciplinarily appropriate parenting to their children. See FathersTime.
3. Individual Counselling and Support.
4. Specialized Assessments. Arranged through the Centre and may include: neuropsychological/psycho-educational assessment; psychodiagnostic assessment; medical/visual/auditory/speech-language assessment.
5. Related interventions, advocacy and community referrals available.

Program Model

Interventions shall be loosely guided by developmental stage of the children in the household, in addition to family needs more broadly as follows. Long term support is anticipated as family's move through the consecutive streams.

Core Service Delivery Competencies, Skills & Developmental Objectives

1. Life Skills: Safety/security; housing; health; Family schedule/organization/daily routine; Meals (nutrition, shopping, planning, organization, implementation); transportation; finances; laundry; cleaning/organization.
2. Parental relationship/skills: Attachment/bonding; communication skills; activities; appropriate discipline; conflict resolution.
3. Social/community linkage support.
4. Children: Academic readiness, support & advocacy; problem identification/referral
5. Adolescents: Problem identification/referral; academic support; vocational guidance
6. Adults: Problem identification/referral; Parenting skill development; Vocational guidance
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